Keynote2Suzanne Skevington holds a Project Diamond Chair in Health Psychology at the University of Manchester where she directs an international centre for the study of quality of life. She was chair of the Division of Health Psychology at the British Psychological Society (2000-3).

Professor Skevington’s interests focus on assessing quality of life and well-being in health and health care, international health, and cross-cultural psychology. For 20 years she has worked within an international collaboration – the WHOQOL-Group – which was established by the World Health Organisation, Geneva, to measure quality of life in diverse cultures.

Prof. Skevington has been invited to address meetings at UNAIDS, UNESCO, OECD, UNEP and the UN, and advises some of these bodies. She has been a Board Director of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL). She is currently interested in the implementations of routine assessment of subjective quality of life in the NHS. Also addressing health inequalities, following from an international study of poverty and quality of life in low and middle income countries (£3.3m ESRC funding) belong to her main research areas.